Training process

(1) Basketball is actually possible.

(2) Inasmuch as there is only limited attendance allowed, please fill out Doodle swiftly and correctly. First come first serve.

(3) Please first use the lockers in the far room, also to avoid contact with the other group.

(4) Read the Hygienekonzept. The regulations will be enforced.

(5) Be aware that basketball in a gym represents a high risk, even if we abide by the rules.

Here a summary of the most important rules:

  • contact sport is now allowed inside the gym

  • all players must be fully vaccinated, recovered or tested or boosted.

  • one still has to wear FFP2 mask off the court (so in the corridor or locker room)

  • at present one cannot shower

  • there is a ventilation period of 30 minutes. To avoid contact with the group before us, who finish at 20:00, please do not arrive before 20:15.

  • Documentation of attendance will be taken care of.

  • Our hygiene concept has been updated. If anyone is interested I could send it to them.