Hygiene protection process

for the Neubiberg Secondary School single gymnasium new Hall 2, TSV Neubiberg-Ottobrunn, Basketball Department

As of September 25, 2020

Organizational matters

  • Through club mailings, training courses, club posters as well as by posting on the website and on social media, it is ensured that all members are sufficiently informed, recovered or tested.
  • With the start of the resumption of sports operations, personnel (full-time staff, trainers, trainers) were informed and trained about the relevant regulations and concepts.
  • Compliance with the rules is regularly reviewed. If not observed, one will be excluded.  

Association: TSV Neubiberg-Ottobrunn
Telephone office: 089 / 6 01 88 18
Address Sportstätte: Buchenstraße 4, 85579 Neubiberg

General safety and hygiene rules

  • Persons with acute respiratory symptoms of any severity are excluded from sports. Only people who meet the following conditions can take up the training:
    o Currently or in the last 14 days have no symptoms of SARS-CoV infection (repeated cough, sore throat, fever/increased temperature from 38°C, odour or taste disturbances, general feeling of illness, extreme headache).
    o No evidence of SARS-CoV infection in the last 14 days.
    o No stay in a risk area in the last 14 days
    o No contact with a person who has tested positive for SARS-CoV in the last 14 days.
    o A confirmation of the freedom of infection must be signed by each participant.
  • We point out to our members the minimum distance of 1.5 meters between persons in and on the school and sports grounds.
  • The training time is limited to a maximum of 120 minutes per group.
  • The maximum occupancy rate of the sports facility must not be exceeded (20 persons).
  • The entire school grounds are subject to the obligation to wear a mouth-nose cover. Before and after the workout (e.g. entrance areas, toilet facilities, changing rooms, pick-up and return of sports equipment, etc.) a mask obligation applies – both indoors and outdoors.
  • Care must be taken to ensure the correct fit. Mouth and nose must be covered! Insofar as permitted by the current notice, this may only be taken in the gym for sports.
  • There is also a mask requirement when setting up and dismantling the gymnastics equipment as well as entering the equipment rooms.
  • Any physical contact outside the sports unit (e.g. welcome, farewell, etc.) must be minimized.
  • Members are regularly advised to wash or disinfect their hands before and after the workout. Sufficient washing facilities, liquid soap is provided. It is recommended that members bring self-contained disinfectants for hand disinfection and towels for their own use.

Changing and showering

  • All showers are closed.
  • sanitary facilities (e.g. toilet) may only be used in compliance with the minimum distance and wearing a mouth-nose cover.
  • The changing rooms may be used in compliance with the minimum distance and wearing a mouth-nose cover. A maximum of 5 people may be in the individual changing rooms at the same time.

Information on the material used

  • All used sports equipment, which is hall property, as well as club balls must be cleaned after use.  In addition, the contact surfaces in the school sports hall, in particular door and window handles or switches as well as the fittings and contact surfaces in the toilets must be cleaned.  This is the responsibility of the trainer/ trainer. For cleaning, wet disposable cleaning cloths are best used to wipe the surfaces. The product must be brought by the trainers on their own responsibility.
  • For installation and dismantling, only the trainer enters the equipment area. The trainer only receives support during the set-up and dismantling by the other participants of the group outside the equipment area.
  • The cleaning must be documented by the trainer on the training log sheet.

Training groups

  • Between the training groups, extensive ventilation is performed for 30 minutes to ensure the necessary air exchange. The existing ventilation systems are used.
  • Our training groups always consist of a fixed group of participants. Also the trainer/exercise leader always has a fixed training group. Guests are not allowed.
  • Contact data must be collected from each person participating in the training and game operation. This includes the name and e-mail address of each participant and is kept by the instructor together with the confirmation of the infection-free.
  • Such information may be provided to the competent health authorities solely for the purpose of providing information on request. The documentation shall be kept in such a way that third parties cannot view it and the data are protected against unauthorized or unlawful processing and from accidental loss or alteration. The data shall be destroyed after one month.
  • Participants must be adequately informed about data processing when collecting data in accordance with the requirements for data protection information in accordance with Article 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679.
  • During the training hours, only participants of the respective training group are admitted in the sports hall. The presence of spectators or participants of the next, previous or other group is prohibited in the hall at any time.
  • After completion of the training session, the members will leave immediately.
  • The arrival should be made in sports clothing if possible
  • In the event of non-compliance with the measures listed, the TSV Neubiberg-Ottobrunn Basketball Department makes use of its by-laws and has the authority to deny entry to persons to the site.